Preparing Your Gas Fireplace For Storm Season

Published January 28, 2015

Is your gas fireplace ready for storm season? Cold temperatures during the winter months can have us turning on our gas fireplaces more frequently. Properly maintaining your fireplace should be at the top of your to-do list at the beginning... Continue reading →

Make Your Bathroom Sparkle

Published November 11, 2014

The rain was inevitably on its way and now it has arrived. What better time than now to pick up a few household projects around the home? We tend to spend most of our time outside during the warmer months... Continue reading →

Using Your Noodle!

Published August 27, 2014

Although it's not technically the end of the summer, when the weather begins to cool and the days become a little shorter we start thinking about putting away all the summer toys. Inflatable rafts and pool toys can look a... Continue reading →


Published July 31, 2014

Is your barbecue looking a little dirty and tired? Has it been awhile since you have given it a really good cleaning? Barbecues can vary in lifespan depending on usage over time. Rather than entertaining the idea of replacing it,... Continue reading →