Travel Kit a Snap To Sew

Published May 02, 2012

Ziploc bags and a dollar-store pot holder make a quick and easy travel kit for toiletries.If you are a crafty type, then this idea is for you.

A friend of mine made this travel kit for her kid’s crayons and pencils and so I thought this would also be wonderful to use for toiletries. The plastic bags are great for containing spills and leaks when packed neatly inside your suitcase.


1 or 2 potholders (available at dollar stores)

6 plastic baggies (small size)

Sewing machine, thread and straight pins

Velcro dots (available at fabric stores)

From start to finish I made this project in 10 minutes. It is not time consuming at all and very easy to make. Look for inexpensive potholders in the kitchen section of your local dollar store.

Lay out the plastic bags in an alternate fashion on top of the non-pocketed side of the potholder. Secure with straight pins. Using your sewing machine, carefully sew down the centre of the bags.

If you are able to find self-adhesive Velcro dots then place one on each side of the plastic bags. Otherwise sew the Velcro dots in place.

Fill the bags with the kid’s crayons and pencils and other small erasers and craft items. Seal the bags and fold over the potholder to fasten the Velcro dots.

This idea is also great for travelling with small toiletries such as cotton pads, Q-tips and other cosmetics.

Another great travel idea is to pack your fine clothing such as dresses and suits in plastic dry-cleaning bags. Friction is known to cause wrinkling and the plastic helps to prevent this from happening. Place your garment inside the plastic and fold carefully in half. Lay the garment on the top of your other pieces of clothing inside your suitcase. When you arrive, your garment will be ready to hang. Rolling your clothes in tissue paper will also help them to be less wrinkled.

Try placing your rolled socks inside your shoes to allow space in your suitcase and keep your shoe shape. And inexpensive mesh laundry bags are wonderful to pack your underwear in. These bags will keep all your undergarments together inside your bag.