A White Christmas: White Birds on Fireplace Mantle

Published June 19, 2012

A White Christmas

Instead of dreaming of a white Christmas this year create one of your own on your fireplace mantle. Every day can be a white Christmas this year with a little imagination and creativity. This look is best on white painted fireplace mantles but it can be modified to work on most other surfaces such as hutches and sofa tables as well.   Look for silver accessories and white mini lights to illuminate your setting.


White artificial snow (available at Michaels Crafts) or alternatively white pillow stuffing


Silver Glitter

White Acrylic Paint

Silver Accessories

White Birds (optional)

Cream or White Pillar Candles

Glass or Silver Pedestal Candle Holders

Begin by clearing your mantle of any accessories and year-round décor. Clean the surface of any dust or debris. (If you have white mini lights now is the time to run the light strand over the snow and try to hide the wires from view)

Carefully remove the white snow from the package and evenly distribute it along the top surface of the fireplace mantle. Make sure to cover the entire surface so that no edge or flat surface is left uncovered.

To decorate the pinecones, carefully apply a small amount of white glue to the tips of the pinecone edges. Then sprinkle some silver glitter over the freshly painted edges. Let dry completely.

Place your pedestal candleholders randomly across the mantle and lay a pillar candle on top. The idea is to have the candles forward and back and in varying heights.

Next, randomly distribute your pinecones among the candles. Add any silver accessories and white birds to complete the look.

Be sure to attend to lit candles at all times.