Published July 15, 2012

Vellum Paper is a nice touch for invitations

Are you planning a party? Perhaps a family member’s Birthday or a special anniversary is in the works. This year why not make your own invitations rather than spending money on the store-bought variety? Craft stores such as Michaels make it easy to put together something fun and creative without breaking the bank.

Begin by putting together a theme for your party and then work from there. Most people will agree that the invitation sets the tone for the event. It’s important therefore to spend some time planning the colour and look of the invitation. Will it fit into a standard envelope? Will the postage be the regular rate or is it oversized and over the weight limit? These are all considerations that must be taken into account before finalizing the invitation.

The best place to start is the larger craft outlets such as Michaels and Staples. Look for pre-packaged card sets with coordinating envelopes. This is a great starting point for designing your invitation and the envelope is ready to go.

There are also coordinating vellum papers that can be attached to plain or patterned pieces. The vellum can be attached with colourful brads (miniature fasteners used to bind papers together).  Become inspired while browsing the Martha Stewart Collection aisle of Michaels. She offers a myriad of colour choices and patterns with a large assortment of coordinating, textured papers and adornments. Staples also carries a large selection of add-ons and coloured card sets.

Ribbons are great for adding extra drama. With a hole punch, make 2 holes at the top of the card, insert a small ribbon through both openings and tie a bow. This is a nice idea for a baby shower or wedding. You can use this as a way to attach an extra sheet on top of your invitation as well.

Using your home computer, the invitations can be typed out in your Word or other word processing program and printed on  special paper. Use coordinating coloured inks for the written portion and attach your small clips and fasteners at the final stage.

Be sure to include whom the party is for, where and when it is and an R.S.V.P. email or phone number for your guests to confirm their reply. And always keep an extra invitation for yourself in case one is lost or misplaced.

Use your imagination and try to be creative with your invitation. The time you spend planning and designing it will be worth it in the end.