Valentines Hearts: Felt Hearts

Published July 15, 2012

February 14 is always a special day. Traditionally celebrated, as a lover’s holiday with the giving of chocolate and flowers, there are many historical theories of the origin of St. Valentines. Probably the most popular is that it was established in ancient Rome as a tribute to a very popular catholic Bishop named St. Valentine.

Today, we celebrate the holiday with our significant others and our families. Whether you plan to spend the day with the kids or perhaps on a romantic dinner date with your Valentine, the day can be spent in any fashion as long as you are with the special people in your life.

This year let your child celebrate the holiday in style. These miniature felt hearts are a snap to make and can be worn on any white button-down shirt.


  • 1 white, button-down shirt
  • 1 piece of bright pink felt (available at Michaels Crafts)
  • 1 piece of light pink felt (available at Michaels Crafts)
  • Sharp scissors

Trace out small hearts on a piece of paper first before cutting the final felt piece. Once you are satisfied with the shape and size of the heart use this as a template for the felt pieces. Trace out 3 heart shapes on the bright pink felt and 3 heart shapes on the light pink. Fold the felt heart piece in half and make a very small cut vertically in the middle of the heart. (This is where it will fit over the button) Repeat with the other 5 hearts.

Once the shapes are cut, the hearts are placed over the buttons when the child has the shirt on and buttoned up.