Chalk Labels

Published July 19, 2012

It seems we are always looking for convenient ways to store our household items. Buttons, spices and other pantry items are easy to find when properly labeled and stored in a manner that is highly visible and easy to reach. Too many times we over-purchase flour, oats or sugar because we have forgotten that we have three packages hidden somewhere in our pantry.

I love the little mason jars that can be purchased at the local grocery store. These jars are not only great for making jams and preserves but they can be fantastic storage containers as well.

Next time you visit your local paint store be sure to pick up a small tin of chalkboard paint. Most of the time it is available in a 1 quart size which makes it easy to store away for future use.

Painting a small label on the front side of each jar will leave you with a nice collection of reusable storage containers.

Clean your mason jars in the dishwasher before you begin. Once they are thoroughly dry lay out a piece of newspaper to work on.

Ask your sales attendant at the paint store to give your chalkboard paint a good stir before you bring it home. If it’s been on the shelf for a while it will have settled. Just before using make sure you stir it very well again.

Draw out a label shape on your mason jar and with a small paintbrush apply the chalkboard paint to the jar. Let dry.

Once the paint is dry label each jar according to what you decide to place in it. If you have a short shelf near the front of your pantry these jars sit nicely side by side.

Once the container has served its purpose, the beauty of the chalkboard paint is that you can change the label as many times as you need.

Just keep a box of chalk handy in your pantry for easy labeling.