Decorating Tips for On The Road

Published July 19, 2012

How many times have to found yourself in the paint store or fabric department trying to remember your colour palette at home? It can be difficult to remember the exact shade of your blinds or drapes when you are out and about so it’s worth it to take the time and plan ahead. This way, those costly decorating mistakes may be avoided in the future.

If you are planning to renovate soon or perhaps take on a small decorating project here are some quick and easy decorating tools to help the process go smoother.


Fabric Swatch Notebook

Next time you are having a duvet or drape made be sure to keep the extra fabric leftovers. If you are lucky enough to have kept some fabric from your existing bed or drape cut a small 2 inch by 1 inch clipping and glue it to a small card. Collect samples from your drapes, wall colour and any other soft furnishing that must be coordinated. Fasten the samples together with a grommet or other fastener and place it in your handbag for future use.



Most paint stores have racks of paint strips that are free for the customer to take home. Next time you are in the outlet be sure to take an extra strip to carry with you while you peruse the stores. If you are using a decorator to help you with your renovation or decorating project be sure to provide them with existing paint chips and other fabric samples that may assist them with your project. In this way the decorator can arrive at your home with narrowed down choices that are best suited to your existing décor.


Digital Photos

In this ever-growing technological generation the digital camera is an invaluable tool for anyone doing a home decorating project. If you are redecorating a room be sure to take a photograph of the space and carry it with you before you head out. Take measurements of furniture that is staying and any other space that a piece of furniture must fit into. The digital camera is fabulous for taking photos of furniture and other decorative items to bring home and show other household members before purchasing. Be sure to ask permission first before snapping away inside a retail store. Some outlets are not too keen top have you taking photographs so it’s always best to ask first.