Dig This! Valentines hearts with Shovel

Published July 19, 2012

Last year I saw this very cute idea for Valentines Day. It’s perfect for the younger kids to give to their friends on this special day and they also make wonderful loot bags for a party.

All materials can be purchased at your local dollar store and you will find a fantastic assortment of Valentines Day candy on most retail shops at the moment.



  • Small, plastic shovel (available at dollar stores and department stores)
  • Miniature red and pink candies
  • Clear cellophane bags (available at Michaels Crafts)
  • Valentines tags
  • Pink or Red Ribbon


Look for plastic shovels in shades of pink or red and be sure they are small enough to fit inside clear cellophane bags. You should be able to find the bags in the wedding section of Michaels.

Fill each cellophane bag with small heart candy or other assorted Valentines Day treats. Each bag should be filled ΒΌ full.

Dollar stores should have a great assortment of Valentines stickers and tags. If you are unable to find them, you can do what I did and use paper plates.

I found a package of paper plates for $2 dollars and simply cut the heart out of the center of the plate.

Use self-adhesive letter stickers to spell out your message or simply handwrite the note.

Place the tag inside the cello bag and add the plastic shovel. Tie off the bag with a pink or red ribbon.

Another cute idea for a Valentines party is to fill assorted pink and red heart cookie cutters with contrasting pink and red candies and place around the food table. Not only do these look pretty but your little ones can snack on the treats after their meal. (We hope!)