Earth Friendly Gift Wrap Idea

Published July 19, 2012

Comic Wrap

It’s always fun to find different ways for your kids to wrap their friend’s Birthday presents.   Why not help contribute to the environment by recycling some of your newspaper and comics as gift-wrap? Not only is this a creative idea but an eco-friendly one as well.

Kids love creative packaging. Use simple materials like raffia, comic, newspaper and brown paper to wrap up something fun and biodegradable.


  • Comics (from newspaper or left-over comic books at home)
  • Tape
  • Raffia (or other ribbon)


Measure out the package you intend to wrap and lay out the comic pages to fit. You may have to tape a few of the pages together to make one large wrapping sheet. This is the easiest way to wrap a large box. Once the package is wrapped, tie off with a few strands of raffia.


Wallpaper Wrap

We all have leftover rolls of wallpaper that we keep in our storage closets. If there are some that have been sitting for quite some time pull them out and use them as gift-wrap. The textures and colours on these wallpapers are quite stunning used as gift-wrap. Tie them off with creative ties such as fresh flowers, ribbons and coloured ropes.


Fabric Wrap

Don’t forget about your leftover fabrics stored away. Fabric makes wonderful gift-wrap. Cut a piece large enough to wrap around your package and gather the edges up in the middle. Wrap a piece of organza ribbon around the gathered fabric and finish off with a fresh rose or other garden flower. The recipient will love the gift-wrap and they will be able to re-use it themselves for next time.


Ribbons Ribbons Ribbons

If you have a large assortment of leftover ribbons lying around here is a great gift-wrap idea for you. All you need is a stash of ribbon, adhesive seam binding, an iron and a pair of scissors. Lay out all your ribbons sorting the wider ones together and the smaller ones in a group. Decide on a colour scheme you like and place one ribbon beside the other. Lay a pre-cut piece of seam binding over top of the inner edges of the ribbons and carefully run an iron over the seam binding. The heat will bind the two ribbons together using the seam binding. Repeat this process until you have a large ribbon sheet that you may use for wrapping a gift.