Easter Table Arrangement: Coloured Glass

Published July 19, 2012

It’s hard to believe Easter is just around the corner. If it’s your turn this year to host the event you may want to plan ahead and make your table arrangement early. Many of the retail stores are carrying wonderful Easter table decorations that may be combined with varying shades of fresh flowers. Determine how large you would like the arrangement to be and then purchase what you need from there.


  • Miniature brown speckled eggs
  • Rabbit ornaments
  • Faux berries
  • Glass containers (all shapes and sizes)
  • Miniature birds nests
  • Small bird decorations
  • Fresh tulips
  • Food Colouring (optional)
  • Egg colouring Kit
  • Eggs

These are just a few examples of Easter products that are available in local stores. Many of these items can be stored away and used for later years.

It’s important to set a theme for the table before you begin. Are you planning an all-natural look or perhaps something with lots of colour?

Set up your larger decorative items first such as the rabbits and large vases. Fill some of the vases with berries rather than traditional fresh flowers and place miniature tea lights around the base of the vases.

Scatter the small bird nests around the larger items and place a single decorated egg in each nest. Connect the small birds to the nests with wire or place them on the edge of the vase.

Fill some of the clear, containers and add various shades of food colouring to the water. Scatter these vases along the center of the table.

Place your coloured eggs randomly throughout the larger items in groups of two or three. Place fresh tulips in two or three of the coloured water vases and try mixing contrasting coloured water with tulips. For example, yellow tulips in pink water and pink tulips in lavender water. This is very effective when done with many small vases.

Light some larger candles with the tea lights to give an added glow to the table.