Entertaining Ideas: Fresh Fruit As Place Card Holders

Published July 19, 2012

This summer add some flair to your outdoor dining table with a little creativity. Simple table setting ideas can become conversation pieces with just a little pre-planning and imagination.

Try some of these little ideas next time you find yourself hosting a soiree in the garden.


Fruit Place Settings

This idea is easy and the fruit can be taken home by the guest or used later for cooking. Purchase nicely shaped and blemish-free apples or pears. Clean them of any dirt or residue. Wipe the fruit so that it is completely dry and then apply the self-adhesive letters that you may find in stationary stores and craft outlets. Spell the guests name and place on the plate or near the stemware. Many different fruits work well for this idea.


Flowers in Coloured Water

Safeway is great this time of year because they normally carry a dozen roses in many different colours for about $14.99. If you have a couple of low, clear vases (preferably in square shape) fill them with 3 inches of water and add a little food colouring in red or pink. Purchase your roses and clean the stems of all the leaves. Using a sharp knife, make a cut on a sharp angle to about 4 inches in length. Place 6 roses in one vase and 6 in the other. Use these vases as your centerpiece for your dining table.


Funky Veggie Dips

I love displaying vegetables in new and original type of containers. Instead of serving your next vegetable tray on a platter why not try some simple, glass cylindrical vases. The little vases can be purchased at Wal-Mart and other floral stores and work wonderfully for serving carrots, celery and other veggies. Simply clean your vegetables and slice them vertically into 6-8” pieces. Carrots, cherry tomatoes and multicoloured peppers work well for this. Make your dip and place along side. Enjoy the raves!