Entrance Foyers

Published July 19, 2012

Have you ever walked into someone’s home and really felt welcome? Was it the flooring or perhaps the colour of paint chosen for the walls? Whatever it was, the feel of the room was warm and inviting. Small spaces such as foyers can be challenging to decorate but with a little creativity they can be transformed into something welcoming and beautiful.

Before you begin take a walk outside your door and play the part of the guest. When you walk in does the foyer feel cold and uninviting? This is a great way to appreciate the first impression of the space. Probably the best way to start is to clear the foyer of any clutter. No one wants to see your husband’s hockey equipment or your dogs chew toys so put them in designated storage areas or closets. An armoire is perfect for hiding all our items we would rather not have our guests view upon entering. Place a small cabinet beside a wall if your ceiling height does not permit large armoires. The cabinet acts as storage as well as a nice place to put keys, purses and perhaps a flower arrangement.

The entrance foyer is a wonderful place to exercise your decorating talents. Is there a favorite wallpaper or paint that you have been clamoring to show off somewhere in your home? Then the foyer is the perfect small space to do this. Wow your guests with your creativity without compromising the other spaces of the home. If your home is an open plan then choose a wallpaper or paint that is different than the other interior walls but still complementary.

Mirrors are great for front halls. Large oversized mirrors are great for making dramatic design statements. Prop one against a large wall or hang a small one over a side table or cabinet.

Be sure your lighting is soft and welcoming. Dimmer switches are paramount here. Do not blast your guests with bright lights as soon as they arrive. Chandeliers are wonderful hanging from the center of the room or perhaps in front of the mirror. Candles will help to soften the lighting in the room as well.

Splurge on some wooden hangers for your front closet or armoire. These are wonderful for hanging your guest’s coats rather than the plastic or metal variety.

Don’t forget seating if you can afford the space. Ladies and older guests who may want to sit down to place their shoes on always appreciate benches and settees. Look for a bench that has storage built in below to hide any clutter you may have.

Another option to consider is wall hooks. These will provide accessible areas for outerwear and bags to be hung. There are many modern and traditional styles available to match your home’s decor.

Finally, think about your flooring. The type of flooring chosen should be hardwearing and able to hide the dirt. Consider a rug as well for the center of the floor. The rug will catch the dirt from shoes and add a considerable amount of warmth to the room.