Invisible Fence Indoors

Published July 19, 2012

Next time your neighbour’s so called “friendly” dog, Rocko, tries to run you down as you pick up your daily newspaper, you may want to casually slip an Invisible Fence brochure through his mail slot.

Invisible Fence produces electronic pet containment systems and has been in business for over 30 years. With a 99.5% success rate, Invisible Fence has made a name for itself in the pet business and has recently developed a system for indoor use.

The system works for both cats and dogs (and husbands) in areas that you do not want them to be. (Okay, maybe not safe for husbands but it’s a good idea) There are many applications for this kind of system especially in the following areas: garbage, furniture, baby nurseries, living rooms, chemical, cat litter boxes and kitchen counters.

How many times have you hollered at Foo Foo to get down off your husband’s leather chairs? Well you can stop now because Foo Foo can wear the new wireless collar and the 5″ Invisible Transmitter can be placed under a cushion, a piece of furniture or even mounted on a wall. The transmitter is also rechargeable and wireless. Adjust the signal’s radius to your liking and you’re in business.

These systems can be hard-wired into your new home during the construction process or the wireless systems may be used at any time.  All systems come with the Perfect Start Training Method and the installer can answer any questions you may have about the product.

The collar is lightweight and adjustable and sends a warning tone first before a small, harmless shock is emitted. There are thousands of settings for customizing the collars to suit each individual pet and the collars are waterproof up to 6 feet of depth.

They also now have equipment that is pet specific. For example, both pets may be contained outside, but only one pet is allowed downstairs inside. This is great for correcting a bad habit such as the annoying garbage-eating binge or clawing at furniture.

Invisible Fence believes that their systems benefit pet owners by reducing the stress of having a pet in our lives. The pets also have more freedom and are safe from harm. The lower mainland company has over 3000 systems locally and close to 5000 pets on the system. It is guaranteed to work and comes with a lifetime guarantee.

We all love our pets…but there are boundaries.