Place Settings: Post Its and Photo Place Cards

Published July 19, 2012

Set a pretty table this month with some creative ideas. Flowers in the center of the table are always lovely but sometimes setting a dining table for a special occasion requires a little panache.

Whether you are setting a formal or casual dining affair, a little creativity goes a long way to impress your guests. Here’s a few place setting ideas that take just minutes to assemble and are sure to impress even the most discerning guest.


Post It!

Find these cute, little Post-It Flags at Staples and use them to mark each place setting. This is a cute idea for a very informal but modern table setting. No fuss hereā€¦just simplicity.



For a nice, autumn place setting try using a little pinecone. Write your guest’s name on a small piece of paper and insert into the scales of the pinecone. Place one or two smaller ones beside the place card cone and decorate with autumn-coloured napkins.


Chalkboard Napkin Ring

Miniature chalkboards can be found at craft stores and a few Dollar Stores as well. These little boards can be tied onto a napkin and used as a napkin holder. Simply write your guest’s name on the chalkboard and reuse it for next time.



A simple clothespin can be great for a place setting. Next time you are at the Dollar Store pick up a small bag of clothespins. Bring them home and paint them in the same colour or different colours of acrylic paint. Using a coloured permanent marker write your guest’s name on the clothespin and clip it to your napkin. Place the napkin on the plate.


Photo Place Card

Computers come in handy for this idea. Locate photo of your guests on your home computer and print them out in a 4 x 6 format. If you have a Photoshop program try to isolate a photo of each guest for each place setting. Cut the photo down to fit a piece of construction paper 3″ x 3″ square. Paste the photograph on a coloured piece of construction paper and trim the edges. Place the photograph on a napkin at each guest’s place setting. Or place a favorite photo inside a miniature frame.



Folded Napkin Knot

Sometimes the simplest ideas are the prettiest. A plain, white napkin tied into a knot complemented with a white cardstock name card makes a beautiful place setting. Place the napkin in the center of the plate and complement with silverware.