Back To School Ideas: Pencil Holder, Notebook and Notepad

Published July 19, 2012

It’s back to school time and all over the world parents are rejoicing. Well, maybe not all parents but certainly some. As a parent, I always try to make the re-entry process a little smoother by getting the kids excited about new school supplies and a fresh new look for their desks and lockers.

Here are some easy and fun ideas to get the kids involved in before school starts. Most of the supplies can be found around the house or at the dollar store. Dollar stores are fantastic sources for inexpensive school supplies. Be sure to visit them before September.


Pencil Holder

Now that we are all recycling our tin cans here’s a fun and decorative idea for the kids to store their pens and pencils. Remove the label from the tin can and wash the can thoroughly. Let dry. Cut a piece of scrapbook paper (found at Michaels) to fit around the circumference of the can. Wrap the paper around the can and tape. Fill the can with multicoloured pens and pencils.



There are lots of pretty notebooks out on the market at this time of year but it’s always fun to put your own personalization on them. Michaels and other stationary stores carry wonderful, adhesive stickers that can easily be applied on the outside of the notebook. Everything from alphabet letters to spell out the student’s name to flowers and other hobby stickers can be found at  Dollar Stores and other retail outlets. Personalize each notebook according to the student’s hobbies such as hockey, soccer and swimming.


Note Pad

This is a cute idea. Purchase a blank notebook block and have your child draw their name and other decorative designs on the outside. Use felt markers to really bring out the colours of their room and desk.

If you have a printer at home its always great to purchase Avery sticker sheets that can be made into personalized labels. PC’s and Mac computers have word processing programs that can be purchased with wonderful “label” options that are easily used and produce fantastic personalized labels. These can be applied to notebooks, binders and other school materials for the year.