Storing Your Holiday Decorations

Published July 19, 2012

Now that the holidays are over its always a little sad to put away the holiday decorations.

We seem to take the time to meticulously decorate our homes for the holidays paying attention to every detail but when it comes to dismantling and packing everything away the process tends to be rushed.

This year let one of your New Year’s resolutions be to take the time to be organized for packing the decorations away for next year.

There are many different containers at dollar stores and Michaels Crafts that can help you make this process easy and painless.

Look for clear, plastic ball ornament containers that snap together. I always hold on to any type of plastic container that holds tennis balls or store bought holiday baubles. These are great for storing fragile, glass ornaments and they can be stacked one on top of each other.

Other great containers for tree ornaments include shoe boxes, cookie tins and fabric grocery bags.

Are you tired of pulling out all your mini lights every year in one  tied up ball? A great solution for this dilemna is to cut the sides off of large cardboard boxes or cereal boxes and simply wrap the mini light strands separately around each one.  In this way the strands are kept from winding around each other and they can be  easily removed for next year.

Store your garlands by wrapping them around leftover wrapping paper tubes.  These are great for small light strands as well.

Larger holiday decorations may be easily packed in large plastic tubs from Home Depot or Walmart. These tubs are fantastic for stacking and will keep your holiday decorations dust and dirt free.

Don’t forget about those miniature snap top plastic storage containers from Safeway and the Dollar stores.  These little containers are great for the smaller decorative items as well as wrapping items such as gift tags and ribbons.