Wedding Ideas: Miniature Chocolate Boxes

Published July 19, 2012

It’s this time of year when brides are frantically racing around putting table arrangement and other decorating ideas together. I always encourage brides to begin assembling wedding ideas well in advance of the big day so as to have a file of ideas to pull from when the planning begins. Ideas are found everywhere these days from the Internet to the multitude of wedding magazines found on store shelves. After awhile you may find a theme that begins to appear and you can narrow your ideas down to that particular theme as the day approaches.

These days’ brides are recruiting the talents of friends and family to help them plan their big day. Evenings are planned when friends are gathered together to embellish pretty napkin rings and other take home favors for the guests. This kind of party is a great idea to take the stress off the bride and cover off very important wedding details at the same time.

Here are a few new wedding ideas that I thought were quite unique. Each idea is easy to assemble and everyone can get involved in the process.


Seashell Skewers

For a less formal wedding, these skewers are beautiful, especially if the wedding is outdoors by the ocean or if you are planning a seaside theme. Look for shells like the purple unicorn and the beaded periwinkle. If you can’t find the tiny shells locally, craft stores like Michaels carry these shells in packages that you can purchase. Use your glue gun to adorn the 3-inch skewers with the shells. For larger skewers, simply collect or purchase larger shells and attach to the end of the skewers.


Ribbon Napkins

Do you have a lot of leftover ribbons in one of your drawers at home? I think everyone does and now you have a use for them. Even if you are not planning a wedding, this idea is great for a dinner party as well.  Using some thin, silver wire, make small flower posies out of your gross grain, organza and silk left over ribbons. Make sure to cut a piece of wire at least 10 inches long and leave 3 inches on each end to wrap around the napkin. Begin by baking figure eight’s out of your ribbon and fasten the loose ends of the ribbon with the wire in the middle. Fan out to shape the flower.


Miniature Chocolate Boxes

These little boxes are found in craft stores in many different shapes and sizes. They are also available in a multitude of colours. Purchase fresh roses or the artificial kind. I find the open roses are prettier than the buds. If you are using the artificial variety, remove the flower head from the stem and glue on the top of the box lid. Fill the box with your favorite chocolates. For the fresh flowers, soak the roses in floral preservative for at least 2-3 hours and then remove the flower head from the stem. Glue to the box lid in the same manner as the artificial rose. The fresh rose will only last for 4-5 hours so it’s best to keep the favors in the fridge to keep them fresh as long as possible.