Place Settings

Published July 20, 2012

Cut small pieces of Kalanchoe for this idea

Sometimes it’s a nice touch to add a little place card setting at your guest’s table. It not only takes the awkwardness out of where everyone should sit, but it can be a pretty addition to your table as well.

At one time, place card settings were only used at very formal events such as weddings, and other auspicious occasions. Today, the place card is used in everyday situations from a formal party to a simple barbeque dinner.

The appearance of the place card should reflect the theme of the event. The more formal the event, the more exquisite the place card should be.

Here are some ideas for various place cards that you may want to try. Remember to use your creativity and if possible, make the cards a day ahead of your gathering as to leave extra time for other preparations.


Ribbon and Rose

A very simple idea. Cut a 5-inch piece of ribbon on an angle and handwrite your guest’s name on it in ink. (Be sure to use a pen that does not bleed on the ribbon. Do a test patch first.) Place the ribbon and a rose bud in an inverted wine glass at the guest’s place setting. The wine glass is then used at the mealtime and the rose remains as a small gift for the guest.


Flower Tube

Purchase miniature floral tubes at your local florist along with some inexpensive roses or other flowers such as gerbera daisies, tulips or lisianthus. You will also need to purchase some “half-fold” cards at a stationary supply store or drug store. Clean your flowers of any foliage and with a sharp pair of scissors, cut the stem down to approximately 3” long. Write your guest’s name on the front face of the folded card. With a whole punch, carefully punch a hold in the front fold of the card and thread your flower through the front end. Insert the cut flower end into the floral tube that has been filled with cold water.


Fresh Fruit

Fresh fruit makes wonderful place card settings. Especially lemons and limes. With a sharp knife, cut the end of the lemon/lime so that it sits upright on a table. Carefully make a small slit in the top portion of the lemon/lime so as to make a spot to slide a small nametag in. Slide in a pre-prepared nametag and place at your guests place setting.


A Natural Place Card

If you are planning an outdoor dinner party, it’s always a nice idea to incorporate something from the outside into your theme. Salal leaves are native to B.C. and found almost everywhere. You can also purchase it at a florist shop. Pick the leaves from the branch and wash off any residue. With a gold pen, handwrite your guest’s name on the leaf. Using a hole punch, punch a small hole in the top part of the leaf and attach a small ribbon that can be tied on to a napkin. Very pretty and very simple.