Floral Lighting

Published July 20, 2012

Candles and soft lights are wonderful ideas to add ambience to an outdoor space. If you are looking for way to add some soft lighting to your deck, try these little, flower lights. During the day they complement your live flowers and at night they add drama to your sitting area.



  • Silk flowers (available at Michaels Crafts)
  • Outdoor mini lights (available in white or green)
  • Scissors and/or hole punch


Before you begin, be sure to remove the center of the silk flower. This consists of the stem and center portion.

Check your light strand that each bulb is firmly connected to its base and that each light illuminates.

With your scissors or hole punch, widen the opening in the center of the flower for the light to fit. The hole will need to be approximately 5 mm in diameter.

Working at one end of the light strand, begin to push each bulb through the center of each flower. It’s important to push the petals of the flower as far back as possible so that the petals do not touch the light and overheat.

Choose a spot that is close to an outdoor outlet and wrap your garland around posts, rails and other outdoor fixtures that will display the flowers beautifully.

Be sure to closely monitor the flower garland for any bulb that may overheat over time. At the end of the summer, remove the garland and stow away for next year.