Gift Wrapping: Paint Cans

Published July 20, 2012

I’ve always believed that the first impression of a gift is in the way it is wrapped.  Presentation is as important as the gift inside so take some time to carefully think about the impression you are trying to make. If the gift is for a child, then make the wrapping reflect a child’s theme, or perhaps if the recipient is a sports fan then tailor the gift-wrap this way.  A little thought goes a long way when it comes time to wrap that very special present that you searched long and hard for.

Here are a few gift-wrap ideas to help get you started.

If the intended recipient is a child or female, she may really appreciate a pink present wrapped up in a scarf and mittens. The idea is simple yet very effective. Simply wrap the present in a bright, colourful paper such as fuchsia pink or yellow and choose a complimentary ribbon in a bright colour as well. After you have wrapped the gift, tie the ribbon around and make a bow. With some sparkly construction paper or coloured paper, draw miniature mittens and cut out. For added effect, punch out a snowflake in the center of the mitten and glue white paper behind so that the snowflake is highlighted. Glue the mittens to the ends of the ribbon and attach to the present.

Another great way to wrap a gift with some creativity is to use small, snowflake whole punches. These little whole punches are available at craft store and come in a variety of sizes. You may also find other whole punches such as ornaments, trees and snowmen. One way to use these stamps is to wrap your gift in a solid colour paper and make snowflakes out of another colour paper to use on top. Simply whole punch 5 or 6 different coloured snowflakes and glue them across the gift or randomly around the entire present. For added effect, place a piece of clear vellum paper over top of the snowflakes. Vellum paper is available at craft stores and comes in many different colours.

Pom poms are another easy way to embellish a gift. Ask your kids to help you adorn the presents with these miniature decorations. Solid and patterned paper both work well for this idea. Candy cane striped paper with red pom poms is especially effective.

Gift-wrapping does not have to be chore over the holidays. Try to wrap your gifts as you go and not all at once at the end. Remember to think creatively and embellish your gift with clever add-ons. With a little creativity, you will have your Holidays all wrapped up in no time.