Halloween Luminaries

Published July 20, 2012

Illuminate your garden this Halloween with these spooky, little luminaries. Hang them from tree branches or place along your garden path to illuminate the way for this year’s trick-or-treat guests.

If you plan to hang them from tree branches, be sure to keep a close eye on them at all times and extinguish them immediately when turning in for the night. Another alternative is to purchase the battery operated tea lights. These are available at florist shops and craft stores.



  • Bernardin Decorative Mason Jars (12 x 250ml)
  • Ordinary, white tea lights (or battery operated)
  • Wire for hanging
  • Small chain (available at craft stores and hardware outlets)
  • S-hooks (available at hardware stores)
  • Yellow or cream   8.5” x 11” parchment paper sheets (available at Michaels Crafts)
  • Black waterproof felt pen
  • Scissors, clear tape and a pencil



The Bernardin jars can be found at your local grocery store. These jars are commonly used for jam preserves, antipasti and other homemade condiments.

There are two ways to obtain your Halloween clip arts. One is to download some favorites such as witches, cats and pumpkins from the Internet and print them on the parchment paper sheets. The other is to draw the figures free hand.

Measure the amount of parchment paper you will require to wrap around the outside of the Mason jar by simply rolling the jar around the paper and marking it with a pencil. Cut this measured length and width with your scissors. Wrap the paper around the jar and secure with the clear tape.

Measure the length of wire required to circulate the perimeter of the top of the jar. Cut and wrap it around the top. Secure it by twisting the ends together. (Leave a small amount of room for the handle to wrap under each side) Make a small handle for the jar by measuring a small amount of wire to arch over the top of the jar and allow 1 inch on each side to tuck under the wrapped wire.

Place a tea light inside the jar and measure a small length of chain to use for hanging with the s-hooks. Attach an S-hook on each end of the chain. One s-hook is for attaching  to the handle and the other on the tree branch.

Light the tea light and hang in the tree away from leaves and other tree branches. The lantern should be clearly visible from the road and free from any obstruction in the tree that may interfere with the tea light flame.