Helpful Hints

Published July 20, 2012

I love passing on great tips and ideas that friends and family send my way. These are great little ideas that really come in handy around the house and garage. Make a note to purchase the items next time you find yourself in your local hardware store and grocery outlet.

The dustpan idea works fabulous in the garage and tool area. It only takes minutes to assemble and can be hung on a nail in your working area. Keep the magnetic tape accessible for other odd jobs around the house.

I also find so many lotions and soaps that you see in the stores now are too pretty to throw in the garbage. The problem is that they can be so difficult to clean and sometimes you wonder if all the effort is worth it. Using an eggshell is a great, environmentally friendly way to alleviate this problem and you are left with a beautiful bottle as a vase or re-use as a dish soap dispenser.

And don’t throw away that partially-fully Dijon mustard jar. Here’s a great way to use up every last morsel.


Dijon Dilemma

Instead of tossing the last remains of mustard, simply make a great tasting Dijon vinaigrette for your next salad. Add a crushed garlic clove and some fresh herbs such as tarragon and a minced onion or shallot. Next, add some balsamic vinegar and fresh ground pepper and salt. Place lid on jar and give it a good shake. Add 3 parts olive oil to the 1 part vinegar and shake again.


Dustpan Divine

Next time you are in your favorite hardware store pick up a metal dustpan and some magnetic tape. Cut a piece of tape to fit the back of the pan. The tape will attract any metal bit, screws and nails that may be laying around on your garage floor or tool shed. Place a small finishing nail over your workbench to store pan.


Old Bottle New Look

And you thought eggs were just for eating.  Clean those hard-to-reach places in bottles and vases with crushed eggshells. Simply crush the shells and place inside the bottle. Add a touch of dishwashing liquid and some luke-warm water. Give the bottle a good shake and drain. You should be left with a sparkling, clean bottle ready to display or use as a vase. And that’s no yolk…