Home Staging and Styling

Published July 20, 2012

If I had to sell my house, I would need to do a few things.

Firstly, the bathrobe wearing, bunny slipper clad, unshaven husband in the recreation room, would be gone.

Secondly, the ten-year old boy’s door would get a sign saying,” fumigation completed every sixty days” with documentation and certification upon request. However, he will probably win the grade 5 Science Fair for successfully raising mushrooms on socks.

Thirdly, my 8-year old daughter’s room, which looks like it’s been decorated by a monkey running a 15- foot salad spinner, would have it’s doors nailed shut.

Yes, this would definitely improve the value of my home.

If you are thinking of entering the market, you may want to consider hiring a professional to help you “stage” your home for sale.

Lifestyle media has raised the style bar for modern consumers. Homes for sale must look as good as the homes featured on television in order to sell.

The objectives of staging are simple: to sell high and sell fast.

Staging is all about helping buyers to visualize themselves in the new space. It’s part art- creating warmth and neutralizing the environment through furniture arrangement and accessories. And it’s part science – using design techniques to save costs while adding value.

All in all, it’s a smart investment.A professional team will come into your home and create ideas to transform your living spaces into something the buying public will appreciate.

In essence, Staging is really about creating a strong visual impact to your would-be buyers. It’s not about design trends and creating personal taste but rather increasing marketability and liquidity.

Reducing the price of a
home on the market is not the answer for a quick sale. It could actually be misconstrued as a “red-flag” of desperation to potential buyers. Whether the market is hot or cold, staging pays off either way. In a hot market, a staged home will generate healthy bidding. Conversely, staged homes in a slow market create the extra pull and attention for potential buyers to make an offer.

Staging your home is definitely worth looking into.  If you see my husband and two kids sitting on a couch in the garden watching TV, you can guess that Staging Vancouver has visited and the house is listed.