Valentines Felt Heart Button Covers

Published July 20, 2012

Does the thought of Valentines Day make you cringe? Well, it shouldn’t. Even if you don’t have a special sweetheart, it’s nice to remember those who we take for granted everyday and thank them.

Traditionally Valentines Day has been a day to celebrate our loved ones. History contains many versions of who the illustrious St. Valentine actually was. One legend states that Valentine may have been a priest who continued to perform marriages for young lovers even though the current Emperor Claudius II had ruled against it. He felt young, single men made better soldiers, so to marry them off was a bad idea. Other stories contend that Valentine may have been killed for attempting to help Christians escape Roman prisons where they were harshly treated.

For the kids, Valentines Day is a day of fun and perhaps a day to tell someone special that they have a secret admirer. Whatever the reason you are celebrating Valentines Day, it’s nice to participate in a small way.

One way for the kids to get involved is a craft involving felt hearts. These little hearts may be cut out and simply placed over the shirt button and wore for the day. Once Valentines Day is over, they are easily removed.



  • Assorted pink and red felt pieces (available at Michael’s Crafts)
  • Scissors
  • Paper and pencil


Draw out your little hearts on the paper first as a practice session before attempting the final drawing on the felt pieces. Once you are confident with your size and shape, draw out the miniature heart on the felt piece and carefully cut out with scissors. Make a small slit in the center of the heart and gently place over the shirt button. Alternate the red and pink colours for added interest.

Another Valentines idea that is quick and easy is to fill a plastic heart cake tray with red roses as a centerpiece. These heart trays are sold at craft and baking stores. Fill with lukewarm water. Clean your roses of any thorns and leaves and soak in preservative for 1 -2 hours. With a sharp pair of pruning shears or scissors, cut the rose head off the stem on a sharp angle leaving only a 1 cm stem. Immediately float the rose in the water. Pack the heart shaped pan with roses leaving no spaces. Surround with small tea light candles for your Valentines dinner.

If your kid’s like cookies, be sure to purchase the Valentines cookie sticks at Michaels and other kitchen supply outlets. These “lollipop” sticks are placed inside the heart shaped cookie dough on the sheet and baked. When the cookie is done, you are left with a Valentines heart cookie on a stick. They also make great gifts for your Valentine.