Mother’s Day Gift

Published July 20, 2012

This year why not take some time and present your Mother with a gift that clearly shows the time and thought you put behind it? There is no better way to show your Mom how much you appreciate her than with a gift of flowers. The natural simplicity of flowers and their beauty is a sure way to impress someone you love and evoke the purest emotions.

The French and Japanese are two cultures that firmly believe wrapping presents is an art form. A gift of flowers can be enhanced by careful wrapping using unique and natural materials that are readily available in florist shops and grocery outlets.

Magnolia leaves, tropical leaves and even banana leaves are popular choices to wrap flower posies. Most are available locally and take only minutes to assemble. You will be amazed at the value of foliage and how it acts as a colour control for other flowers. Choose medium to large size leaves that are pliable and tough and will coordinate nicely with your chosen flowers. To tie off your bouquet, think outside of the box and try alternate choices to ribbon such as raffia, rope and coloured cord. Not only will these add drama to your posie but they will provide texture to the arrangement as well.



  • Fresh flowers (single variety or mixed assortment)
  • Floral Preservative
  • Green Foliage (banana leaf, aspidistra leaves, or other)
  • Raffia (or other ribbon)
  • Sharp scissors
  • Vase or holding container


Begin by cleaning your flowers of any debris and leaves from the stems. With a sharp knife carefully cut the end of the stem on an angle.  Soak your flowers in floral preservative for 1-2 hours.

Cut the flowers to your desired length (usually leaving a 8-10 inch stem). Start at the center and begin to make concentric circles with each flower stem. As you add each flower, create a “domed” effect with some of the flowers slightly higher in the center. Tie the stems just below the heads with the raffia.

Bend each banana or aspidistra leaf and carefully place them one by one around the posie to edge the bouquet. Tie off with another piece of raffia. Trim the lengths of the leaves on an angle and finish the posie with a raffia bow.

The arrangement can be immediately placed in a vase until ready to gift.