Photograph File Folders

Published July 20, 2012

Use one of your favorite photographs for this idea

A few years back I saw this great idea on my friend’s desk and thought I would share it with you. We all have favorite photographs lying around the house or in albums that we rarely open. Here is an opportunity to display one of your favorite photos of the kids or family. You can choose to have it in black and white or in colour. Remember to measure the back of the file folders in order to enlarge the photo to the desired size.



  • 3-4 Cardboard File Holders (available at Staples Office Supply Stores)
  • 1 favorite photograph (black and white or in colour)
  • Sharp Box Cutter
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick or glue gun
  • Scotch tape


Once you have chosen your photograph, take it to a photo store (such as Future Shop or Staples) and ask them to enlarge it to the desired size. Be sure to get them to transpose it on regular paper and not glossy or matte finish.  If you line up 4 of the standard file holders, you will see that a 11 x 14  size photograph works well.

Bring the photo home and assemble the file holders. Lay them down, side by side, on a table so that the backs are facing upward. Tape the folders together with a small piece of tape to hold them together. (This will be removed once the photo is cut) Carefully place the enlarged photograph over top of the file holders and using your scotch tape, carefully  attach the photograph (on the back side) to the top and bottom of the holders. (This is only temporary to hold the photo in place while you cut it) Once the whole photograph is attached, take your box cutter and very carefully slice between the file holders. Remove the tape that is holding the holders together. Now you have 4 individual photographs temporarily attached to the back of the file holders.

Remove the temporary tape from the back of the photographs and glue the photos to the file holders permanently.

Fill your holders with day-to-day files or perhaps magazines. You can also scatter the boxes 1cm or so apart for display purposes or place them on an angle for added effect. Either way, the photograph remains on your file holders permanently and becomes a wonderful display on your desk. Over time, you can choose to update the photograph.