Playing The House Number Game…Do It Right

Published July 20, 2012

I’ve always felt that first impressions matter when you approach a home. One of the factors that determines the first impression is the style and location of the address numbers that are chosen. The presentation should be clear and easily readable in case of emergencies as well as lit at night (for your late-night pizza deliveries!)

Home design experts agree that details count and it pays to spend some time and properly plan out how you would like to display your home numbers. It doesn’t have to be fancy or time consuming, but well placed and distinctive numbers will mean less confusion for guests and delivery people.

Firstly, the location of the numbers is important. It doesn’t matter how stylish the numbers are if you can’t see them. Too many times house numbers are obstructed by a large tree or rock. This can be very frustrating for people trying to find your home. Place your numbers in clear view from the street with surrounding bushes trimmed back. The placement should be close to the road and preferably illuminated at night. If it is not possible to illuminate the address, then choose a reflective material for the numbers. The passing headlights will illuminate them at night.

There are many different styles of numbers on the market these days. The best way to choose your numbers is to pick a design that suits the style of your home. Source different colours and styles on websites such as and Both of these sites offer a large selection of fonts and numbers to choose from. You can experiment a bit by cutting them out on a piece of paper and having a look from the road. The numbers should be at least 3 inches in height in order to be visible from the street. And it’s important to choose a contrasting colour from your house or background that you choose to mount them on. Black numbers are best on a white background for obvious reasons.

Don’t forget to use fences and well-positioned rocks for display purposes. These items are great and unique ways of displaying your house numbers.

Many municipalities have guidelines that require your house numbers to be displayed a certain way. If you are concerned, contact your local municipality for suggestions.

Whichever design you choose, be sure to maintain the address over time and clear any overshadowing bushes and shrubs that may obscure the view from the road.