Simple Greens As A Centerpiece

Published July 20, 2012

Sometimes the most effective table arrangements are the simplest ones. With spring now upon us, it’s nice to put together a centerpiece that is dramatic yet modern in its appeal. If you have some clear, symmetrical vases at home that you usually fill with flowers use them for this table decoration idea.

Any type of leaf will work for this arrangement. I like broad foliages such as maple or hydrangea leaves but a simple, ornamental leaf will suffice. Ornamental grasses such as bamboo work wonderfully as well as bear grass.

I always find this arrangement is wonderful if you are pressured for time preparing for a dinner party. Keep the clear, tall cylindrical vases on hand when you are in a pinch. Scatter small, tea light candles in amongst the vases for a soft glow during the night.



  • Clear, narrow cylindrical vases
  • Leaves or grasses
  • Tea lights


Arrange your table using a simple tablecloth or bamboo placemats. Work with natural colours such as green, beige and cream. Use simple napkin holders such as twigs and leaves from outside.

Fill your vases with water leaving approximately 2 inches from the top. Clean your foliage and place inside the vase with the good side  of the leaf facing out. Repeat with remaining leaves and vases. Five or six vases centered along the middle of the table works beautifully.

Scatter white tea lights in glass holders around the vases for added drama.

Another simple idea you may like to try is to make placemats from fresh salal leaves. Purchase round, inexpensive placemats from your local dollar store. Pick some fresh salal leaves from your garden or purchase them from a local florist shop. Clean the leaves of any debris and let dry. With your glue gun, begin gluing the leaves one by one onto the placemats starting at the edge and working to the inside. The salal on the placemat will dry over time and you can re-use them for up to 6 months.