Spring Cleaning

Published July 20, 2012

If you are thinking about a little Spring Cleaning this year, here are a few tips.

The clutter, cracks in the walls and dust on the carpets all serve as constant reminders of the daunting tasks that lay ahead. As much as we procrastinate, there are certain things that must be done to keep the house looking and running smoothly.

As daunting as this task seems, there are ways to methodically undertake the various jobs one by one and alleviate some of the stress involved. Do not plan on doing this all in one day. Spring-cleaning should be a process that is undertaken over a period of a few weeks.

Firstly, take a walk around the whole house (inside and out) and make a list of what needs to be done in each area. Pay close attention to where the ceilings meet the wall. Are there cracks and cobwebs that need attention? Do the walls require wiping and corners vacuumed of any dust? Areas of clutter should be tidied and placed in labeled, sealed Tupperware bins. Have a walk around the outside of the house. There may be windows that are in need of repair; gutters and any roof damage over the winter months need to be looked at as well.

Once your list is complete, put together a strategy of attack. It’s always a good idea to begin with the basement and work your way up to the top level of the house.

Rugs should be sent out for cleaning or at least a good airing outside for a day or two. Floors should be given a good cleaning and polishing. Perhaps this is a good time to get your tile floor sealed or your wood flooring refinished.

Windows should be professionally cleaned or done yourself. Experts agree that using a mild, soapy solution and a squeegee is best.

Heavy drapery should be taken down and cleaned once a year and blinds should be given a good wipe down as well. Have a look at your furniture’s upholstery. Does is require a professional clean or perhaps just a good vacuum. Wood furniture should be polished and buffed and lampshades should be removed and properly cleaned.

Don’t forget about your table linens. These should be checked regularly for any tears, stains and old linens should be replaced with newer, fresher ones.

Bedding is another area that should be on the list. Replace any old, worn out bedding and heavy comforters should be switched for more lightweight bedding for the upcoming warm weather months.

Bookshelves to be forgotten. Once a year all books should be removed from the shelves and dusted. The shelves should be thoroughly cleaned as well.

If you have quite a few chandeliers and pendant lights, this is a good time of year to get a ladder or tall chair and clean them off with a damp cloth. Check for any burned out bulbs and loose attachments.

Probably one of the most forgotten areas to clean is the top of the baseboards. This is one area that collects a large amount of dirt and dust over the year and needs to be cleaned with a damp cloth. It’s a big job but will make all the difference once it’s done.

Had enough? There’s always the garage…but we won’t go there…