Summer Hostess gifts

Published July 20, 2012

Gift WrapIt’s always nice to receive an invitation to dinner. Arriving at your host’s home with a small gift is a lovely way to show your appreciation for their hospitality.

Whenever possible it’s nice to personalize the gift to the host. Garden gifts for the gardener or perhaps something to do with the kitchen for the culinary inclined are always popular. You can wrap the gifts with monogrammed wooden letters.

Here are some suggestions for some summer host or hostess gifts.

Once the summer begins to wind down the annuals in our summer planter boxes start to decline. A nice gift for the hostess is a newly planted summer basket that will last for several more weeks. Many nurseries keep a minimum quantity of annuals on hand for late summer planting. Planters that have been started with seed packets tend to last longer than potted plants.

Another favorite hostess gift is a great summer novel or hard cover book. Perhaps you are in a book club and know of one or two popular books that everyone enjoyed. These kinds of gifts are always appreciated.

Straw totes are great hostess gifts.  These bags are very inexpensive and can be found everywhere these days. They come in a variety of colours and serve as wonderful beach bags, shopping bags and everyday totes for the kids.

Young children in a household always appreciate a small gift as well. Plastic, homemade Popsicle makers are wonderful for the little ones along with inexpensive squirt guns and beach balls. All can be found at your local dollar store.

For the more discerning hostess, I love the French Milled Soaps. Pre=wrapped and boxed soaps are very popular and will last a very long time. Wrap one or two up with some lovely scented candles and present with a favorite bottle of wine.

Do you have a favorite CD? Then why not share it with the hostess? If you’re lucky she may play it while you are there.

Lastly, one of the nicest summer hostess gifts is a personalized bag or basket filled with summer items such as towels, Frisbees, beach balls, magazines, water bottles and other items that may be used by the family over the holidays. These summer bags are great because they tend to have something for everyone and most of the items can be bought at the dollar store for a total cost of $20-$30.

When you are caught in a pinch, try to keep a few hostess gifts on hand such as candles and soaps. These make wonderful last minute gifts on the run.