Wallpapers Are Back!

Published July 20, 2012

Have you noticed all the wallpapers emerging everywhere in magazines? It’s the newest tool in the interior designer’s book of tricks and as old as it is, it’s making a comeback.

To some it may sound passé; however, today’s selection of wallpaper is astounding. Patterns exemplify texture and bold colours and will complement almost any décor.

Perhaps the successful comeback of wallpaper is due to homeowners becoming tired of their plain walls and opting instead for more colour and diversity in their homes.

A popular do-it-yourself project, wallpapering is relatively easy to learn and can be very rewarding. It’s not always a challenging and messy project. (Although it is a “marriage tester”) The wallpapers on the market today are less messy and easier to apply than ever.

There are some important factors to keep in mind if you decide to go this route.

Firstly, the best selection of wallpaper patterns is usually found in home-improvement centers and specialty paint and wallpaper outlets.

The process can be a little overwhelming at first but plan to take some time and browse through the books. The in-store staff is usually trained to be able to direct you to the styles and patterns you have in mind.

Secondly, keep the following “tips from the pros” in mind:

Larger prints will make an oversized room appear smaller and more intimate. Whereas the smaller designs tend to add visual interest and background colour to make the room feel larger.

Most wallpaper manufacturers group their designs and compatible colours together in one book. It’s a good idea to narrow your search down to the colour category first.

Geometric patterns such as stripes will tend to create a dramatic look in the room. This can be overpowering for some spaces. Be sure to bring the book home and stand back to have a good look before you buy. Stripes draw the eye upward to make ceilings appear higher, while solid colours will provide extensive coverage to the walls giving the illusion of unity.

The pros believe that wall coverings have one very big advantage over paint. They add texture and dimension to a wall space. Especially popular are the new wall coverings that are soft to the touch and can be painted over.

In general, wallpapers can be divided into three types. “Colourfast”, “washable” and “strippable”.

The colourfast wall coverings tend to resist fading when exposed to sunlight while the washable forms are excellent choices for children’s rooms, kitchens and workshops. Kitchens and bathrooms should also have vinyl paper because of their ability to withstand humidity and other temperature fluctuations.

The new “strippable” wallpapers are wonderful for people who like to redecorate every two to three years. These wallpapers come off the wall in one piece, making them extremely convenient for errors in application as well as changes in décor.

If you have a wall space in your home that just needs that special something, perhaps wallpaper is the way to go.  Experts agree, that with the choices of wallpaper on the market today, there is no better way to express person style in a room.