Photo Transfers on Back to School Bags

Published September 12, 2012

Tote BagTHE lunches are packed and they are off!

Surprise your little one this year with a send-off to remind them of their fabulous summer. Iron-on transfers are wonderful for tote bags, Tshirts and all sorts of garment items.

Avery makes an easy to apply iron-on transfer that requires only a hot iron, board and a computer with a printer. This whole process takes only 30 minutes from start to finish.

Look for the plain canvas tote bags at Michaels or your local craft store.


1 large, plain tote bag Iron-on transfer set (available at London Drugs or Staples) Iron and ironing board Computer and printer

To begin, choose one of your child’s favourite photographs and scan it or email it to your photo program on your computer. You may have all your photos already preloaded in your database.

Before you print off the photo, be sure to choose the size that will best fit the tote bag. Print off a test page on a standard sheet of paper. This is a great way to see exactly how the photo will appear.

Once you are satisfied with the photo you can print it on the iron-on transfer sheet.

Read all directions carefully as each company’s product is different in terms of the printing process.

Heat your iron to the cotton/canvas setting and lay your transfer (photo side down) on the tote bag. Carefully iron on the transfer (following the iron-on instructions) and let it cool completely before removing the backing from the photo.

Peel back the sheet from the bag and the transfer should be complete.

A nice idea is to fill the bag with your child’s school books and surprise them in the morning before they head off to school.