Great Household Tips: Bread Clip as A Cord Identifier

Published September 27, 2012

A little creative thinking can go a long way if you set your mind to it. You wouldn’t believe how simple, household items can be repurposed for alternative means. Here are just a few examples of how you can reuse and recycle items you would normally throw in the trash.

Bread Bag Clips

A simple plastic bread bag clip can be useful as a means of identifying your electric cords in a power bar. Just label the clips according to which cord it corresponds to underneath your desk. This is a great way to save time when you are trying to source the particular one giving you trouble.

Painters tape

Not only does the adhesive tape work beautifully for cutting edges when painting but also the green shade is also fantastic for crisscrossing across the top of a vase when arranging flowers. Simply cut pieces of adhesive tape and lay them straight across the opening of the vase and repeat in the reverse direction to form a grid. This will help stabilize the flowers and keep the larger heads in place.

Paper rolls

Don’t throw away those toilet paper rolls once they are done. They are fantastic for cutting in half and placing around opened wrapping paper rolls. The shape fits beautifully around the wrapping paper and holds the cut end in place.

Key chains

Do you have a key chain that is full of keys that look virtually the same? If your key chain looks like mine you may want to try this great idea.

In order to quickly identify your car and house key, for example, simply paint the thick ends in two different nail polish shades. This way when you arrive home you are able to choose your key in seconds.


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