Wedding & Baby Shower Ideas; White Miniature Box with Rose

Published October 02, 2012

Beautiful bouquets, floral centerpieces, sweets and savories all make up the fine points for a wonderful wedding or baby shower. It really is all in the details if you want to host a shower that will guests will remember.

If you are planning to host a wedding or baby shower anytime soon here are a few ideas and tips to help you get started.

Guests love to take a small gift home. It doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive but something that carries the theme of the party and acts as a final send off. Mints and chocolates are perfect for this kind of gift. For a baby shower make small, clear cones with rolls of cellophane from your local craft store. With a sharp pair of scissors, cut a square in the dimensions of 14″ x 14″ from the cellophane. Fold over one adjacent corner to the other. Repeat two more times. A small cone shape should appear. Secure with clear tape. Trim the top edges and fill the cone with mints or pastel coloured chocolates. Tie off with a pretty ribbon that coordinates with the pastel colours of your shower.

These little guest favors are also wonderful for wedding showers. Craft stores such as Michaels have wedding sections that are filled with all kinds of wedding-themed decorating ideas. One of the items you will find there are miniature, white chocolate boxes. These are great for filling with mints or chocolates and you can  finish them off with a pretty, cream-coloured flower such as a rose. Assemble an assortment of these boxes and arrange them on a platter by the dessert table

Another cute idea for a shower is to sugar the rims of your champagne flutes with pastel-coloured fine sugar.  All that is required is powdered food colouring. Simply add the food colouring to the fine sugar and dip the edge of the glass into a small plate filled with fresh lemon juice. Carefully invert the glass into the sugar and let dry.

Remember to write the name of the guest for each gift that is given to the guest of honor. One way to do this is to keep the card or gift tag from each present and write on the card what the gift was and whom it was from. Place all the cards in a pre-assembled envelope to give to the guest of honor when she leaves.