A Natural Way to Beautify Your Outdoor Furniture

Published October 13, 2012

A Natural Way to Beautify Your Outdoor Patio Furniture


It’s that time of year when we dust off the outdoor patio furniture and bring it back to life again for another season. Over the winter months outdoor furniture can get covered in dust, dirt and mold. Our wet and cold winters can cause havoc with our patio furniture so it’s best to give it a good cleaning before you set it up on your deck.


Before you reach for the typical, chemical cleaners why not take a look at a natural alternative? There are many natural cleaners on the market that will clean at a molecular level removing the toughest grease, dirt and grime.


Eco Mist Non-toxic Cleaners are one example of a family of healthier home cleaners that are available at Home Depot here on the North Shore. These cleaning products are completely safe, non-toxic and made from natural ingredients such as corn, tree sap, sugarcane and non-chlorinated water. They are safe to use around pets and children and do not leave any toxic residue.


You may also wish to try good, old-fashioned soap and warm water on your resin or wrought aluminum type furniture. Most of the mildew and dirt will simply come off with a warm soapy cloth. For tougher stains try the Eco Mist Outdoor Furniture spray.


Rust is another problem on metal furniture. For small rust stains try using a fine grit sandpaper and then touch it up with a small bit of paint.


Remember that periodically cleaning your outdoor furniture through the summer months is the best way to keep it in good shape. If you can cover the furniture while you vacation to avoid bird droppings then it is recommended to do so.


And don’t forget that sunlight is another great way to keep the moss and mildew away. Over time the sun will stop the mold and mildew from growing so try to move your pieces into the sun when you can.