Fresh Traditional Christmas Wreath

Published October 17, 2012

Sometimes our busy schedule doesn’t allow enough time to decorate our homes the way we would like them to be.

One way around this is to visit your local Nursery and pick up one of their “pre-made” wreaths. They come in all sorts of evergreen varieties and can be transformed into something beautiful in a short time.

I love the evergreen fir and cedar 14″ and 16″ wreaths. A nice gift idea is to add red berries and other softer greens to these wreaths to add a bit of texture and colour. With the addition of a few pinecones these wreaths make wonderful centerpieces on a dining or coffee table. Simply add a large red pillar candle in the center or perhaps a few floating red candles in a bowl of water.

Another nice idea is to add some fresh flowers such as red roses.