Eerie Luminaries: Gauze wrapped Votives For Halloween

Published October 24, 2012

Simple Dollar Store items can create the cutest Halloween decorations

There is a chill in the air and the leaves are falling.

Soon it will be time for the little ghosts and goblins to venture out and collect their candy. This holiday offers plenty of opportunity for the grown-ups to dress up and masquerade as characters as well.

Whether you are transforming your humble home into a sophisticated fright fest or simply conducting some eerie entertaining, here is a cute idea I saw last year for illuminating those dark corners. Most of the supplies for these little mummy votives can be purchased at your local dollar store.


Clear glass votives (miniature and large)

White gauze (in rolls at the pharmacy)

Googly eyes (available at the craft store)

Craft glue

Tea lights

Double-sided tape Scissors

Clean your votives of any dirt or debris.

Cut a small piece of double-sided tape and place at the top of the votive just under the rim. Begin wrapping the votive with the roll of gauze and continue until the whole jar is wrapped. For the best effect, cross over the gauze a few times to achieve a random-looking pattern.

Snip the end with your scissors and secure with another piece of double-sided tape.

Using your glue, add a small dab at the back of each googly eye and attach on an angle to the front of the jar.

Place your tea light inside and light.

. . .

Remember to be sure your children are visible to oncoming cars. A great idea to help with this is to decorate a black flashlight with coloured vellum or tissue paper. Using your double-sided tape, attach a strip on the inside of the flashlight rim. Then add strips of orange tissue or vellum paper to achieve a “fiery torch” effect. Replace the top portion of the flashlight.