Simple Table Arrangement

Published November 01, 2012

Gerbera daisies can be purchased at local grocery stores

A Simple Table Arrangement


Sometimes at this time of year it’s nice to put together a simple and easy flower arrangement. It may be for your next dinner party or perhaps just a small arrangement for your kitchen.


This is a very easy and dramatic flower arrangement that many restaurants use for their tables. I made a few for my kitchen and they lasted over 2 weeks.




Round or square, clear glass vases (no more than 3 inches tall)

3 Gerbera Daisy stems

Bear Grass or a Variegated Grass

Sharp Knife or Floral Scissors

Floral Preservative



The materials involved are quite simple and so is the process.


Wash your vase of any dirt and debris and set aside.


To prep your gerbera daisy, remove it from it’s packaging and give it a sharp cut on an angle with a knife. Place it in water treated with floral preservative until you are ready to use.


Take approximately 3 stems of grass and cut to 12-15 inches in length.

Fill your vase with room temperature water and wind the 3 stems of grass inside the bottom section of the vase.


Using your sharp knife or floral scissors, cut the gerbera daisy stem approximately 2 inches from the head. Place inside the vase to let it float.


Repeat with the other vases and group together as an arrangement.


For a nice effect, scatter tea lights in and amongst the flower arrangements for a dinner party.