Light Up Your Christmas Wreath

Published November 07, 2012

Look for miniature LED lights at stores such as Canadian Tire and Walmart.

Holiday Ideas


There is something special about this time of year. Maybe it’s in the way we decorate our homes for the holiday season? Or perhaps watching the kids enjoy all of the festivities? Everywhere you turn the retail stores are full of fabulously festive decorating ideas and simple but elegant touches that signal this wonderful season.


I like to hang a fresh wreath on my door every year. It’s a nice way to greet guests during the holidays while subtly decorating the entranceway.


This year you can make a fresh wreath for your door that will light up the night. Miniature LED mini lights may be purchased at department and hardware stores. They are a wonderful way to add a bit of sparkle to your fresh, evergreen wreath when the daylight hours fade to evening.




1 grapevine or wire 16″ wreath frame (available at Michaels)

Fresh evergreens (such as salal, cedar, noble fir)

Wire and wire cutters


LED mini lights (or battery operated mini-lights)

Pruning shears

Green floral wire (available at Michaels)

Pinecones, artificial birds, other miscellaneous decorations


Begin by separating your evergreen boughs into smaller pieces that can be inserted into the wreath frame. Use your pruning shears to make a sharp cut on an angle on each bough.


If you are using a grapevine wreath the boughs can be inserted directly into the vines. For the wire frame, start by placing one evergreen bough on the frame and carefully add the next bough. Wrap your green floral wire around each end. Repeat with the remaining boughs until the whole wreath frame is covered.


It’s nice to mix up your evergreen boughs as you work along. This gives the wreath some weight and texture.


Once the wreath is completely covered you are ready to add your pinecones and other decorations. Wire a bow on the bottom section of the wreath.


Thread your mini lights randomly through the wreath and hide your battery box behind your bow. Once you hang the wreath the battery box should sit snuggly within the wreath and door.


Illuminate your wreath when the daylight hours have disappeared or when you are expecting guests for the evening.