Ribbon Basket

Published November 07, 2012

Look for these inexpensive baskets at your local Dollar Store.

Ribbon Basket


There are many alternative uses for household items that we may not think of.  Before you throw something into the recycle bin, why not try to re-use it yourself for another purpose inside your own household?


Ordinary, plastic storage containers make wonderful ribbon holders. Simply place your ribbon spools side by side and pull the cut end through the hole. Dispense your ribbon by pulling on the spool.


Use an old film canister as a stamp storage container. Make a slit on the side of the canister with a box cutter and pull the roll of stamps through the side.


Use old baby food jars as storage containers. These are great for bobby pins, safety pins, chalk and other small items. Purchase a small container of chalkboard paint from your local paint store and label each with chalk. As the items change, you can change the label. These jars are also great for votive candles on an outdoor picnic table. Simply place small tealights inside the jars and scatter them among the food items.


Old cutlery trays are fantastic for organizing tools, paint supplies and other small household items. Use them in your shop or garage before tossing them away.


Collect your old wine corks and make them into corkboards. These are great for organizing household notes with pushpins. Glue them together on the side in a rectangular shape or perhaps in the shape of a heart. Attach faux greens around the perimeter and hang in your pantry or storage area.


Don’t throw those old towels in the garbage. Cut them up and use them as cleaning cloths. Worn out beach towels are wonderful for drying off your car after being hand washed.


These are just a few examples of how you can reuse rather than recycle. Both are great alternatives to the trash.