Jingle All The Way…Great Christmas Wrap Idea

Published November 14, 2012

Use your favorite Christmas Carol for this idea

I’ve always felt that beautiful packaging and a personal card can make a sentimental gift even more special.

First impressions are always remembered and treasured.

If you have a gift recipient this year that really appreciates the time spent on the presentation of a gift then this idea may be for you.

Who doesn’t like traditional Christmas carols? We have all grown up with them and still appreciate them today. These special songs can be given a new purpose for the holiday season this year by using them as wrapping paper.

Choose your favourite Christmas carols from a music store and have them blown up to poster size. You may also find some of your favourite carols on the Internet and can download them for free on some selected sites.

Stores such as Staples will photocopy your music sheets for you and enlarge them. For a bit more cost you can have them blown up on glossy paper.

Wrap your gifts with the words and music notes at the top of the package. Finish off with a contrasting ribbon and perhaps a novelty item for effect.

Wrapping gifts in personal photographs is another unique idea. Simply take an assortment of personal photographs (perhaps of the recipient) to a photocopy depot and have them transposed onto larger paper suitable for wrapping. Decorate with ribbons and baubles.

Once you add a personal gift tag the wrapping will be as special as what you have put inside.