Glitter Snowflake Wrap

Published December 13, 2012

Look for stampers at Michaels Crafts

ADD a dash of whimsy to your presents this year with a collection of glitter snowflakes.

Snowflake paper punches are available at Michael’s Crafts with an assortment of beautiful glitters to give your gifts a dose of shine this holiday season.

Materials: Small, medium, or large snowflake stamper Plain or coloured printer paper Modge Podge or regular craft glue Assorted glitters

This project can get a little messy so it’s best to spread out a few sheets of newspaper before you get started.

Punch out your snowflakes and lay them aside.

Carefully apply the glue to the snowflakes and sprinkle them with glitter. Let them dry for at least one hour.

Attach the snowflakes to your gifts with wire or glue.

This is a great project for the kids when you have them home for holidays this year.

. . .

You can make a really pretty gift box for a small gift using pre-made wooden globe ball boxes or other shaped boxes from your local craft store. Simply purchase one of these little plain wooden boxes and cover the whole outside with Modge Podge. Sprinkle your desired shade of glitter around the whole box and let dry overnight. Add a small gift tag and place your gift inside.