Recycle and Reuse

Published January 23, 2013

Reuse and Re-Purpose

I love finding new uses for things that I probably would have thrown in the trash. There are many ideas to reuse items after their original purpose has been fulfilled. Worn cookie sheets and sticky notes are just two examples of common household items we all have in our homes that can have dual purposes. Here are a few examples of other items that can be given new life.

Ordinary tin cans may be transformed into pretty pencil holders for your desk with the simple addition of coloured paper. Michaels offers many different solid and patterned papers that can be cut and pasted to soup and vegetable cans. Simply remove the label from the can after washing and cut the paper to the desired size. Use a glue gun to secure the paper to the can.

Do you have a favorite cookie sheet that you just can’t bring yourself to toss in the trash? Although it may have seen it’s last day in the oven, you can recycle this sheet by simply painting it with a non-toxic acrylic paint and let it dry. To make the holes for hanging at the end of the tray you can purchase a small hand-held metal hole puncher from your local craft store or alternatively you can just lean the cookie sheet against your desk wall. If you choose to hang it then attach a complimentary ribbon or wire and hang on a secure nail. Small magnets work beautifully to attach small notes and reminders onto the sheet.


I love using small, sticky notes to clean my keyboard on my computer. The adhesive side works beautifully removing any dust or debris from in between the keys. Try it, it works.



Next time you uncork that favorite bottle of wine don’t throw away the cork. Collect an assortment of corks in a nearby clear vase and when you have enough you can use them as a corkboard. For the corkboard purchase a simple picture frame and glue the corks inside the perimeter. Hang your frame on your wall and use pushpins to attach notes.


Barb Lunter is a freelance writer with a passion for home décor, entertaining and floral design.

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