Cork Memo Board

Published March 06, 2013

Lunter Home Ideas photo Mike Wakefield Feb15-13THERE always seems to be a never-ending use for corks. You will see cork in flooring, bulletin boards, coasters, furniture pieces and in many shoes as well.

Here’s a fun and easy idea to use some of your leftover corks. Inexpensive frames can be found at your local dollar stores or craft outlets. Look for one that has a deep front that the corks will fit in nicely. Alternatively, a shadow box, which is an enclosed glass front case, works beautifully for this idea. You will have to remove the glass panel from the front.


1 large, black frame or shadow box

Glue and glue gun (or strong craft glue)

Assorted corks

You may have to alter your frame slightly in order for the corks to properly fit inside.

To do this, remove the plastic packaging from the frame and carefully turn it over. Remove the backing and any paper packaging inside.

The glass plate will have to be removed as well. Each frame is different but most will have four inside wood panels that can be removed with a screwdriver. Carefully insert the screwdriver between the small panels and the inside surface of the frame and loosen the panel. It should slip out nicely.

Your glass panel should now be loose. Carefully remove it and set aside.

To replace the backing, bend the little wire clips on the back of the frame inward. Place the backing of the frame inside the frame so it now becomes the new back.

You are now ready to start gluing your corks inside the frame.

Place a dab of glue on the top edge of the cork as well as on the back and lay inside. Be sure to glue the corks to all four sides of the frame. This will ensure the backing will stay in place.

Continue to glue all the corks inside the frame until the frame is full.

You are now able to hang your frame on a small nail or rest it on your desk. Attach photos and notes using small push pins.


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