Patterned Tissue Outdoor Lights

Published April 25, 2013

Lunter home Ideas -April 10-2013   Photos Mike WakefieldThis is a simple but very effective idea. It’s great for outdoor table parties this spring and can be assembled in minutes.

The nice thing about these illuminated lights is that the glass protects the flame from the breeze.

Look for patterned tissue paper on store shelves and at your local craft store. It’s nice to pick up a few different patterns that can be coordinated together.


2-3 packages of patterned tissue paper

Clear cellophane tape Scissors

Clear, glass cylinders or vases (varying heights and shapes)

Miniature tea lights

I’ve seen this idea done with other kinds of papers as well. Leftover pretty wallpaper and wrapping papers work beautifully as outside covers.

Simply measure out the amount of paper required for each of your glass cylinders and cut accordingly. Fasten the paper to the outside of the cylinder with your clear tape.

Place a small tea light inside the cylinder and illuminate when your guests arrive.

Another cute idea for an outdoor votive is to use some simple flowers from your garden or local nursery. Pansies and primulas work well for this idea.

Snip the flower stems to approximately 5-7 centimetres long. You will require 20-30 stems for this project. Clean the votive of any dirt or debris and dry thoroughly. Using a glue gun, carefully attach one flower stem at a time to the clear votive. Adding a stem as you move around the circumference of the votive. Continue until the container is completely covered.

Cut a piece of twine long enough to surround the votive and tie a small knot or bow. Repeat this for as many votives as you desire to scatter down the center of your dining table.


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