Mother's Day Cupcake Centerpiece

Published May 09, 2013

A centerpiece you can admire and enjoy after!

A centerpiece you can admire and enjoy after!

Treat your mom to something special this year on Mother’s Day.

This little cupcake display is so pretty in the centre of the table and can be assembled in minutes. All you need is the supplies ahead of time and you are ready to set your table and impress your guests. It’s a nice idea for a Mother’s Day brunch or dinner party.


1 small terra cotta pot (available at nurseries and craft stores)

*alternatively you can use a small, round pedestal or container

1 small Styrofoam ball or dry floral foam (available at craft or dollar stores)

Wooden toothpicks Assorted miniature cupcakes Coloured tissue paper, scissors, scotch tape

If you are feeling overly ambitious you may want to bake your own miniature cupcakes. All the supplies may be found at a craft store. However, if you are in a pinch then you can simply purchase the small cupcakes at Cupcakes by Heather & Lori in The Village at Park Royal.

Begin by wrapping your Styrofoam ball in the coloured tissue paper. Tie a small knot at the end of the paper and snip with a pair of scissors. Place a small piece of Scotch tape over the snipped end of the paper and insert the ball, snipped end down, into the container you would like to use.

Begin to insert the toothpicks into the Styrofoam ball leaving half of the toothpick exposed. Carefully place the paper side down of the cupcake over the toothpick and secure it to the Styrofoam ball. Repeat with all the remaining cupcakes until the Styrofoam ball is fully covered.

Place the cupcake display in the center of your table.

Happy Mother’s Day.


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