Jewellery Pizazz

Published May 20, 2013

8389546KIDS love to hang their jewelry and artwork up in their rooms.

There are lots of creative ways to display and organize a teenage girl’s jewelry whether it’s on a bulletin board or magnet board. Here’s a cute idea that she can make with a few simple craft items from your local craft store. Look for pre-painted letters to make the task even easier.

Materials: Pre-cut wood letters (available at Michaels Crafts) Acrylic paint (optional) Miniature screw-in hooks Glue and glue gun

You may be able to find the miniature screw-in hooks at your local hardware store or at Michaels Crafts. I believe they come in both silver and gold.

If you wish to purchase the unpainted letters and paint them a custom colour you may do this first and let the letters dry overnight. There are also pre-cut words that you can purchase if you see something you like.

Once the letters are dry, carefully insert the miniature hooks into the bottom of every second letter or every letter, according to your preference.

Determine where you would like to hang the letters to form the word you are making and use your glue gun to attach the letters or word to the wall. Hang your jewelry from the miniature hooks.

Another cute idea is to display your jewelry on branches from your garden. I’ve seen this idea done where the twig is cut to 10-20 cm long and spray painted white.

Once it is dry, you can place it in a container filled with sand and hang your bracelets and necklaces on the small twigs.

Empty picture frames work well for this ideas as well.

Simply secure a small floral wire or fishing line between the vertical sides of the frame with a small pushpin. Hook your earrings on the wire and lean the frame against a small wall or your dressing table.

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