Father's Day…by Lita Lane

Published June 13, 2013

Lita Lane-Decor Ideas  -Photography MikeWakefield   Mar11-13Father’s Day

June 16, 2013


Father’s Day is celebrated in Canada the third Sunday of every June.  Father’s Day is a celebration honoring our fathers and paying tribute to fatherhood and the influence of fathers in our society.


Forget the cost of a card, or another silly tie, just remember to spend precious time with your father …..  take a walk, recollect good times and please don’t forget to tell him you love him.


As years go by the both of you will fondly remember those special times you spent together on Father’s Day long after the gifts and cards are forgotten.


Thank you to all those fathers that do make a big difference in their child’s life, who are there for their children and family.  Happy Fathers Day!


This is a poem and picture of my son that we put together several years ago…it still sits on my husband’s desk.