Summer Place Card Setting Ideas

Published August 07, 2013

8758242Setting a summer table and knowing where your guests will sit simplifies serving and generally makes dining easier for your guests.

It really only takes a few minutes to put together some fun and simple place card settings and in the end both you and your guests will appreciate the extra effort.

Here are some of my favourite ways to display your guest’s name during this time of year. I like to keep the theme casual and easy-going during the summer months.


I think corks are one of the most versatile decor accessories around. They truly have so many re-purposes that the list is endless. Here’s a quick and simple idea for your next winelovers’ dinner party. Simply take a few old corks and make an insertion with a box cutter down the side. Next, carefully slice off a small piece on the opposite side of the cork so that it sits straight up on the surface. Cut a few place setting cards and outline them in black felt pen. Write your attendee’s name on the card and gently insert the card into the cork. Place on your dinner plate on top of a napkin.


With such an abundance of fresh fruit in markets and on store shelves right now it’s wonderful to incorporate them into our table settings. Next time you are at the market pick up a few pretty peaches or pears that have nice stems and give them a good wash. Let them dry. Attach a small gift tag with your guest’s name to the stem of the fruit and place on your dinner plate or in front of the place setting.


A very simple but chic idea is to simply tie your knife, fork and spoon with some pretty satin ribbon. You can find some lovely ribbons at florist shops and gift shops. Purchase about 30 centimetres for each setting.

Tie the three pieces of cutlery together and place on top of a napkin on each dinner plate.


I love the clean, minimalist look of white on white on a table setting. At this time of year there are many white flowers to choose from. White hydrangea and roses complement each other beautifully. Simply tie a single white hydrangea bloom with a single white rose and place in front of each attendee’s dinner plate. Scatter white tea lights down the centre of the table for added effect.