Putting The Bite On Gourds

Published October 23, 2013

halloween-craftThe scariest holiday of the year calls for entertaining in a frightful fashion.

This year, boost your fright factor with these cute little vampire gourds. These little nocturnal creatures make for a great craft for the kids to dig their teeth into a day or so before Halloween.

Materials: Assorted miniature gourds (available at grocery stores) White acrylic paint Paint brushes, newspaper Black or dark green push pins (floral pins work well) Plastic vampire teeth (available at dollar stores) Sharp knife (or pumpkin carving tools) Lay your newspaper out on a clean, flat surface.

Clean your gourds of any dirt and debris and wash them in fresh water. Let them dry.

Using your pumpkin carving tools or a small sharp knife, make a small rectangular shape opening on one side of the gourd that is slightly smaller than the shape of the vampire

teeth with the teeth clamped together. Clean out any inside material and wipe off any debris.

Once you are satisfied with the opening, let the kids paint the gourd with the white acrylic paint. It should take an hour or so for the gourds to be completely dry. You may have to give them a second coat of paint if necessary.

Insert the plastic teeth into the pre-cut opening on the side of the gourd and push in as far as they will go to be as flush as possible with the outside surface of the gourd.

Place two push pins as the eyes of the vampire gourd.

Display your wickedly wonderful creations at your front door when the little ones arrive. Surround them with candles for an eerie glow.


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